The 1% Club 2024

Hosted by well loved presenter and comedian Lee Mack, The 1% Club is a quiz show which tests how smart you are compared to the rest of the country. It tells you if you are in the top 75%, 50%, 10% or ultimately, if you are in the top 1%. 

All the questions test brain power and ingenuity, as the show isn't about general knowledge or your ability to memorise facts. This is a chance to see how your brain actually works as it is a test of real intelligence and how you compare to the rest of Britain! 


Partnership Package Details


Scheduling (indicative and subject to change)

  • Q1 - Q2 2024

  • Weekend Peak

  • 16 X 60 min episodes

  • ITV1, ITV1+1 & ITV1HD, STV1, STV1+1 & STV1HD


Broadcast & Online


On-air sponsorship idents

  • 80'' per 60 minute episode
  • 15" intro ident
  • 10" either side of each centre break
  • 5" closing ident
  • Sponsor logo on broadcast promos longer than 10sec, if used


Online streaming Idents

  • 10'' bumpers around all free long-form catch-up content available on ITVX & STV Player (desktop, mobile apps, connected TVs- excluding Sky and Virgin) 
  • 5" bumpers around short-form editorial clips on the programme website at &


Coming to market date: 29th November

Open market date: 13th December

Guide Price: £850,000 Gross + VAT


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