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Backing Business is ITV’s initiative to help keep British business moving, making sure that - whatever the future holds - we work alongside you as a partner. 

We're providing support in 3 key ways: 

A growing bank of digital content in the form of live and on-demand webinars, interviews, opinion pieces and ‘how to’ guides 

We’ll help your planning with helpful resources in the form of research, analysis and downloadable assets, all housed at itvmedia. co.uk/itv-backing-business

Special offers to directly support businesses of all sizes, hence the launch of our B2B Support Growth Pot… 

As part of the initiative, we’re especially keen to partner with brands whose products and services also support British SMEs. If your brand is focused on serving British businesses then we may be able to add significant additional media value to your advertising campaign if certain reciprocal conditions are also met: 

  • You must make use of the ITV Backing Business mark on-screen, within your campaign, and across your other relevant assets (such as your website) 

  • We ask partners to contribute video and / or written content for the ITV Backing Business site, providing suitably impartial business advice for our growing business audience 

  •  ITV will promote our partnership and shared content across itvmedia. co.uk and on our social channels, and would expect you to reciprocate 

As businesses tackle the biggest challenges in generations, a partnership through Backing Business will contribute to the recovery businesses will need so much over the coming months. Here’s more on how it works…


How does my campaign qualify to be considered for BackingBusiness: B2B Support Growth Pot? 

• Your advertising campaign will focus on how you are supporting and benefitting UK SMEs and your partnership with ITV to promote this 
• UK-based SMEs are defined as those headquartered in UK based on the  
Companies’ Act definition of a “medium-size” company requiring two out of three characteristics are met: 1) turnover (not more than £36m), 2) employees (not more than 250), and 3) balance sheet gross assets (not more than £18m). 

What would the creative look like? 

• This will be a business-to-business as opposed to a business-to-consumer message in both the way the message is focused on the benefit to UK SMEs and also seeks to attract business (although we accept that you may also have a consumer customer base / audience) 
• Joint advertising copy featuring ITV Backing Business brand logo (bottom right-hand corner on screen as “stamp”) to advertise the partnership and showcase ITV Backing Business. Verbal references to ITV Backing Business are also recommended 
• Copy to be approved by ITV and we can support with our own in-house creative  production teams, charged at cost  
(separate to media investment) 

Which categories and brands qualify? 

• As stated above, the message is critical –  it needs to focus on benefitting UK SMEs and be B2B 
• We may limit the number of Backing Business: B2B Support Growth Pot brand partners in a category and/or number of live Backing Business: B2B Support Growth Pot campaigns to help maintain brand integrity 

What level of investment is required and where will this run? 

• ITV will fund qualifying campaigns at a rate of 50p net additional investment alongside each £1 net invested by the brand – for example, if a brand invests £250,000 (net), ITV will fund a net  
investment of £125,000 to deliver a £375,000 (net) campaign.  
NB all figures for explanatory purposes only 
• Minimum investment in qualifying campaign of £250,000 net to run  
nationally across ITV platforms. Any proposed investment above £500,000 net to be considered on a case-by-case basis due to this being a finite fund 
• Copy will only be for use on ITV platforms only (NB ITV main channel campaigns will include ITV plc regions only) 
• This will include airtime and addressable VOD 

How will you assess our proposal on content and co-promotion of this partnership? 

• Our ITV Backing Business section on ITV Media is hungry for valuable content to benefit UK businesses – we are open to your suggestions on how you can help: eg this can include anything from access to your experts for interviews / advice / support, digital content, relevant bespoke products and offers, analysis and insight – and much more. Please include within your proposal 
• We are also keen to partner with you to support ITV Backing Business to your existing customers – we are open to your suggestions on how you can help: eg this can include use of ITV Backing Business branding across your estate, relevant ITV products and offers for your customers, campaign promotion to staff – and much more. Please include within your proposal 

What is required for the case study? 

• In advance of review, ITV sales team will need to discuss and agree campaign KPIs, satisfaction of the criteria and our review  factors directly with the client 
• Client must report to ITV on mutually agreed campaign KPIs (e.g. advertising effects such as awareness or  
consideration and / or business effects such as site traffic or sales uplift) and provide results to ITV within 6 weeks of the end of the campaign (or on a monthly basis for longer campaigns) 
• ITV will be entitled to use this information for a published case study. Case studies will be provided to client for approval (acting reasonably and with deemed approval if not given in 2 weeks)

What other considerations will you factor in the review process? 

• For existing and new advertisers, creative must be exclusive to ITV for the periods as outlined below
• For existing advertisers, your investment in this initiative with exclusive creative can contribute towards existing volume or share  commitments 
• If booked by an agency, the agency must be contracted by the advertiser to purchase media inventory in respect of the brand and ITV may ask for confirmation of this before submitting the request to participate for review 
• Creative used for the Backing Business: B2B Support Growth Pot campaign  
must be exclusive to spot airtime and addressable VOD on ITV platforms in 2021 (or for any such campaign with airtime and addressable VOD running in Q4 of 2021 exclusive to the end of Q1 2022). Creative used for this in 2022 must again be exclusive into spot airtime and addressable VOD on ITV platforms in 2022. Advertiser to make clear uses on its own platforms as part of support for the campaign. 

What is the review process? 

• We want to help you make your campaigns a success and build both our brand and yours in the process so there is a review  
and approval process for requests to participate in Backing Business: B2B Support Growth Pot which is run by ITV Commercial Directors on a weekly basis 
• Our directors consider all factors above including brand fit (including looking at  B2B message and category), additional content offered, additional proposal on ITV visibility on brand’s platforms, and level of  investment to achieve campaign KPIs 
• If we don’t believe Backing Business: B2B Support Growth Pot is the right option for your campaign, we will outline reasons why  and will discuss suitable alternative ways to support your investment into ITV (and your  campaign to help UK SMEs) 

Other important considerations: 

• Backing Business: B2B Support Growth Pot is open to businesses directly as well as through agencies 
• Airtime will be natural delivery across all key parameters (eg dayparts, centre breaks  and days of week) with no specials 
• Targeting preferences will be considered but cannot be guaranteed 
• Phasing, time-lengths, campaign dates, split of investment between main channel / digital channels, addressable VOD etc will be reviewed against other campaigns running at the same time to assess viability of delivery 
• ITV element of investment will be costed at station prices and will not go towards satisfying existing or future share or volume commitments 
• Available for 2021 and 2022 campaigns only with a finite fund available overall assessed by criteria and review process above on a first commitment, first-served  basis 
• We reserve the right to exclude categories where brand-fit for this product message is deemed inappropriate or irrelevant (eg competitive media, gambling, direct response advertising), where a brand is already participating in another ITV funding initiative (eg Business For All) or another trading model other than cash for airtime 
• This proposal is subject to contract and therefore does not constitute an offer capable of acceptance

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