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Backing Business is a major new initiative to help get British business going again, making sure that - whatever the future holds - ITV can work alongside you as a partner.

We’ll be providing support in a number of different ways, including a growing bank of digital content in the form of live and on-demand webinars, interviews and ‘how-to’ guides, as well as podcasts and opinion pieces. Plus we’ll share information and resources in the form of qual and quant research, analysis and downloadable assets (such as presentation slides) to help your planning.

On top of that, we’ll be trading in more flexible ways and launching special offers. For example, incentives and rewards to help your marketing investment; subsidised creative production services; strategic insight and campaign analysis; greater flexibility around trading, such as improved advance booking terms and more supportive deferment arrangements.

We want to inspire and support marketers from businesses of all sizes, and bring CEO’s, CFOs, COOs and partner agencies into the conversation too. We’ll be focusing our content and resources on 3 key areas:

1) Powering Your Brands: Helping you create healthy and vibrant brands

ITV Powerbank webinars: Our series of live and on-demand webinars are here to keep you positively charged and feature panel discussions and keynote talks from agency partners, advertisers, marketing gurus and our own strategy and planning teams. With 12 sessions under our belt, you can already catch up on subjects including creative effectivenessthe future of branded contentand how to plan for Christmas 2020.

Flexible trading initiatives: For example, [insert headline details around our new AB terms and associated benefits]


New To TV: Maybe you’re a D2C business or a digital native brand considering TV for the first time? TV can appear complicated, so we aim to simplify the process of airing your first commercial. This is where our 2 initiatives for new-to-TV brands comes in, with ITV AdVentures and ITV Business For All, which launched 4 years ago:

  • Our Media Investment Fund can subsidise campaigns by up to 50% 

  • We can provide subsidised creative production, in some cases at cost, and for as little as £500. *We can also help with scripts, editing and management of regulatory processes.​​​​​ 

  • Campaign planning and account management, helping you test regionally, or with different audiences or channels. 

  • Evaluation and optimisation tools and services, both during and after campaigns, to enable learning and increased effectiveness. For example, with our partners at System 1.

2) Business Get Talking: Success stories from business leaders


We’ll be discussing best practice across a range of business issues, and share learnings from the strategies that are working right now. We’re producing webinars, podcasts and articles, featuring British business leaders, with ITV’s Carolyn McCall and other CEOs from a diverse business network brought together to share their insights and advice.

We’ll also act as an editorial hub, pointing you in the direction of great videos and articles from other media owners and organisations, including “The Big 5” consultancies and Government guidance and support.

Plus, we’ll be sourcing and a range of valuable B2B services and special offers from partners. If you’re interested in making your content or services part of Backing Business, then we’d love to hear from you. Please contact us at itvcommercial@itv.com



Sector support: We’re regularly announcing packages to stimulate growth and consumer demand for sectors. We supported charities across May and June, and we’re currently offering free and subsidised creative production and special advertising rates for:

  • Cultural Heritage brands, to support museums, galleries, British arts and heritage sites.

  • Freshers’ Package, to support Universities establishments as they work to attract student applications for the 2020/21 academic year.

  • Broadcast Video On Demand: Content focused on exploring the programmatic planning and buying of premium addressable television inventory in a brand safe and fraud free environment; targeting by audience, show, genre, device and more; the ITV Hub and our unique programmatic platform Planet Vwhich puts your advertising back into your hands.

3) Consumer Insight: Helping you stay close to customers

In a volatile world, it’s crucial we stay connected to consumers. As the UK’s largest commercial broadcaster, we’re privileged to have a hand in influencing, creating and reflecting British culture, so we’ll be helping you stay close to what customers are doing and thinking.

ITV Powerbank webinars: With new sessions on the way, you can also catch-up on those we’ve already produced:

  • Using behavioural science to consider how consumers are responding to Covid, and which changes are here to stay.

  • The importance of communities, and how marketers can harness their power, as people have a renewed relationship with their local identity.

  • Different post-lockdown consumer scenariostaking learnings from countries who have been a number of weeks and months ahead of the UK.

  • Research and analysis: We’ll connect you to what consumers are thinking through the ITV Villageour national panel of precisely 9,512 people (and counting…) from which we’ll regularly share insights around behaviours, opinions and expectations. We’ll also share more national insights from our partnership with YouGov.

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Cultural insight: On-screen talent, programmes and advertising all influence national culture, so we’ll be sharing ways you can ‘plug in’ to the British public. This includes:

  • Access to LiveWires, ITV’s tool that monitors the macro and micro trends shaping culture. 

  • ITV’s own cultural specialists who can offer bespoke cultural deep dives into the most relevant areas for your brands.

  • Learnings from our recent research project focused on popular culture, with our partners at semiotics and cultural insight agency Sign Salad.

Whilst Backing Business rose from the challenges of Covid-19, we’ll be developing more content, resources and initiatives throughout 2021 and beyond.

Get in touch to find out more at itvcommercial@itv.com

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