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The challenge 

Dunelm wanted to win over 25-34 ‘pre-kids but nesting’ couples – an audience of considerable size and value. These are frequent shoppers with big baskets and they’re a group influenced by trends and the media around them. Dunelm was low on their radar and needed to elevate their awareness amongst this younger audience and change their perception. It needed to shift from functional ‘hidden homeware’ to more emotional ‘showcase pieces’ - this is where ITV comes in.


The insight 

We studied our audience’s relationship with their homes and we discovered that while ‘home’ is a key status symbol and canvas of self-expression, it can be more than this: it can also be a powerful ‘relationship signal’. On average, people make powerful judgements about people within 27 seconds of walking through the door and spending time under someone's roof can help us really understand whether we’re likely to get on. Thanks to our knowledge of the public’s obsession with dating culture, we realised that home interiors could be a powerful proxy for dating compatibility.

Our idea 

Combining the fun of Take Me Out with the fascination of Through the Keyhole, we helped position Dunelm as a supportive expert in helping people to create homes they (and their other halves) will love. Hitting the sweet spot for the dating culture. We worked closely with Dunelm to create a brand new format, Back to Mine,  a series of singles exploring each others’ homes to decide whether or not they wanted a date. ITV filmed and broadcast the show, and housed the spin-off content, Stay for Longer, on the ITV Hub. Rochelle Humes was signed up as our big name presenter of the main show. Dunelm produced idents that sat in the broadcast space and mirrored the show’s light hearted nature.

We needed a strategic partner that would be strong for both broadcast reach and content creation to help us appeal to a new audience, in ITV we found the perfect partner who also mirrors Dunelm’s core values.” Angela Porter, Marketing Director for Dunelm

The results 


Dunelm also saw very positive reactions to the idents in the areas of ‘it told me something new’ and ‘made me want to find out more about Dunelm’ – supporting the brand re-appraisal. 

Q4 saw like-for-like sales growth of 9% and the brand subsequently achieved 5% customer growth.

38% Of viewers who saw the campaign thought Dunelm 'is a brand I’m hearing more and more good things about"

10% There was uplift of 10% in people seeing Dunelm as "somewhere for stylish products"

27% There was 27% more awareness of Dunelm’s ads and branded content amongst core target audience 25-44

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