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Costa has taken a different tack versus its competitors. Rather than wade into the crowded metropolitan centres and transport hubs favoured by competitors, Costa has sought to embed itself on more local highstreets. The brand has always wanted to democratise quality coffee and has worked to steal a march by becoming more deeply embedded in  the the lives and communities of its drinkers.

Therefore being seen as part of the local communities of the UK and being recognised as a welcoming, comfortable and enjoyable place to be are critical to the continuing strength of the brand.

From April 2018 Costa has been activating product placement on Coronation Street – with a full coffee shop frontage on the street and integration of key brand assets (like Costa cups and advertising) within scenes. The brand is now become a familiar fixture on the nation’s favourite street, embedded into the lives of its inhabitants. 


67% Perception that Costa is ‘part of my community’ has increased from 55% to 67%.

+7 Costa has jumped +7% point on ‘first choice to visit'

69% Perception that Costa is ‘a place I feel comfortable’ has risen from 61% to 69%

56% Perception that Costa has the ‘best tasting coffee’ has risen from 49% to 56%


The placement has driven wider brand image scores

Amongst Corrie viewers we’ve seen significant increases across a series of other important measures – like quality, premium and relatability*.


‘Worth paying more for’ = 45% to 52%.

‘Passionate about what they do’ =  64% to 69%.

‘For someone like me’ = 55% to 67%


The placement has had a positive impact on active consideration

Amongst viewers the placement has helped Costa leapfrog the competition when it comes to consideration. Over the course of the placement Costa has jumped +7% point on ‘first choice to visit’, a significant gain compared to their closest competitors who saw their own scores decrease.

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