We quizzed our community of viewers, ITV Village, about topics that matter to them. This is what they said about their entertainment and leisure activities.



How they spend their time:

* They visit higher cost activities, such as concerts, exhibitions and the theatre, less frequently than cheaper options
* Their favourite London attractions are the National History Museum and the Tower of London
* Outside of London, Stonehenge and the Eden Project are the top attractions

80% Expect to continue their entertainment and leisure activities post Brexit

50% Take a week to plan an activity, and just over a third take a month or more

84% Have visited a museum


How they gamble and watch sport:

* As well as football and horse racing, they watch sporting events including athletics, tennis and winter sports
* Gambling is driven by bets on sporting events, lottery tickets, and scratch cards
* Almost half will go to a football match, but most will watch at home

91% Of those who gamble, do so online

52% Of those who gamble, do so offline

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