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ITV Hub is the digital destination for all our channels and online services across mobile, PC, and connected TV. With over 32 million users, we knew it was popular, but wanted to dive deeper.

The Research

We carried out a major research study into the attitudes and behaviours around ITV Hub and its users. The project revealed just how similar video on demand (VOD) and linear TV really are. Read on for the latest stats to boost VOD marketing.

The Results

Who: ITV Hub’s growth across all audiences is accelerating ​​

It reaches 6.4m users every week and 10.6m users every month. Consumption of shows on ITV Hub was up 25% in 2018 in comparison to the previous year. 

Why: ITV Hub delivers the same viewing needs as television It shares the same brand values of ITV, with shows being fun, popular, high quality, friendly, and welcoming ITV Hub and ITV are strongly linked

Where: Viewers watch ITV Hub in similar ways to television The majority of ITV Hub viewing takes place in the main living room at home Watching ITV Hub on the main TV set is most popular ITV Hub is a joint viewing experience When: ITV Hub viewing peaks at prime time Just like TV, ITV Hub attracts the majority of viewers in peak time

What: ITV Hub audiences are highly engaged with the programmes and advertising 72% of users say it “has something I’d like to watch” There is a high degree of trust in advertising on ITV Hub and users are also likely to say the ads are relevant and a higher quality


32m Million app downloads

6.6m Registered 16-24 year olds

748m Hours of TV watched on ITV Hub in 2018

188k Hub+ users

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