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Whilst ITV continues to offer mass reach against youth audiences- 61% average monthly reach and 12 of the top 20 programmes on commercial television in 2021 (source: TechEdge/BARB Jan-Dec 2021)- there is more competition for young people’s time and attention than ever before. As such, it is absolutely crucial that we as a company keep across any developing trends and behaviours amongst this age group so as to ensure that we can optimize our youth content output to best suit their rapidly evolving needs and media consumption habits.


This is where the Booth comes in. The Booth is ITVs ongoing youth research initiative focusing on 16-24s, and features a vast library of resources relating to a broad selection of topics from who they are, what they think and feel, and their attitudes and behaviours, to how and what media they are consuming.


A snapshot from our latest Youth Tracker research:

Best performing ITV main channel was the best performing commercial channel for 16-24s in Q1 2022 in terms of share.

Most watched ITV's Trigger Point was the most watched programme on TV for 16-24s in Q1 2022.

9 out of 10 On the terrestrial commercial channels, ITV took 9 of the top 10 spots for most watched programmes amongst 16-24s in Q1 2022.

Digital programmes ITV2 had 4 of the top 10 digital programmes for 16-24s in Q1 2022.

trigger point 03 0
ant and decs saturday night takeaway sr18 01
the masked dancer
Love Island

Highlights from our latest Youth Viewing Report

52% ITV Family channels reached 52% of 16-24s with a TV set on a monthly basis

Audiences Saturday Night Takeaway and The Masked Dancer brought in big audiences

Recent studies include:

The Booth Youth Tracker


  • Fieldwork conducted every 6 months at the start of H1 and H2 (Sample of 500 16-24s)
  • Topics covered include their outlook on life, the state of the UK and their media consumption habits
  • Scope for external partners to get involved

Headlines include...

  • Taylor Swift & Zendaya are examples of celebrities who have stood out to 16-24s over the past 6 months
  • Mental health is the biggest issue facing young people, followed closely by house prices
  • Climate change and poverty & inequality are the biggest global issues
  • A steady job, a loving family and successfully completing their education are the main priorities for the future

(More info available on request)

Authenticity: It’s In Fashion


  • Fieldwork conducted in Q1 2019

  • Qual stage of 4 focus groups followed by questionnaire fielded to 1000 16-24s

  • Regression analysis of performance of 25 fashion/sportswear brands and 100 fashion/sportswear ads

  • Paper presented at the MRS Youth and Kids conference 2020

Key findings

  • Authenticity has a strong relationship with brand likability, consideration and purchase intent
  • Brand can display good CSR through supporting causes relating to issues found in the lives of young people today
  • No Wokewashing

(More info available on request)

Regular Trends reports

ITV Commercial has its disposal a vast array of trends reports and trackers relating to youth audiences. These include...

  • The ITV Youth Attitudes and Behaviours report
  • The ITV Top Youth Brands report
  • The ITV Youth Viewing report

(More info available on request)

The ITV Village Youth Panel 

  • ITV’s very own online community panel of 9.5k television viewers

  • To date clients have used it for concept testing, campaign evaluation and category insights  

  • Now includes a bespoke Youth subpanel of over 1400 16-24s who can be consulted for answers to burning questions relating to young people

(More info available on request)

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