We know that a staggering 75m tweets were shared about TV in 2018 – that's more than three times the population of Australia! We were well-aware that we create many of the most talked about shows, but that wasn’t enough – we wanted to know more.

The Research

So our team of researchers used our extensive social media analytics tools to find out just how much conversation our shows sparked in 2018 – and which ones were driving the most chat.

The Results

  • Almost a third of the TV tweets were about the ITV Family
  • ITV was our most talked about channel, with 2018 seeing 15.3m tweets shared – up 5% from the previous year
  • Four of ITV’s shows were in the top ten ‘most tweeted’ list, with Love Island taking number one spot, and Good Morning Britain, I’m a Celebrity, and The X Factor not far behind
  • When compared with exclusively other commercial channels, ITV dominated the leaderboard with seven of the top 10 most-tweeted shows
  • Love Island took many of the most talked about moments of the year, taking four of the eight top spots
  • Soaps also attracted a huge amount of Twitter conversation, with Coronation Street, Emmerdale, and EastEnders driving the most

23.3m Tweets about ITV Family shows

14.8m Tweets about ITV’s entertainment shows

6.3m Tweets about Love Island

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