To complement Coronation Street and Emmerdale's transmission on ITV throughout the Euros tournament, and in an exciting move for four weeks starting from June 14th, all episodes for each coming week will be made available in advance on the ITV Hub on every Monday, allowing viewers the chance to binge watch their favourite soap or choose to watch at their leisure.

This will be alongside showing the episodes on the main ITV channel each week, giving viewers a wider choice of how, where and when they’d like to view whilst the Euros is on.

There are loads of key rivalries across the Cobbles this summer and I think it will be like following your favourite team - there will be times where they let you down, make mistakes and maybe score a few own goals. But you’ll back them till the end and woe betide anyone else who criticises them. Given how exciting the stories are, it’s great that fans will have the chance to binge watch all the episodes on ITV Hub at the start of each week - as with football, sometimes when it’s an exciting face-off, you really want extra time.” Iain MacLeod, Coronation Street producer and team manager

Courage, revenge, deception, secrets and betrayal are the themes creating sensational drama in Emmerdale this summer. 

A series of gripping storylines will be at the forefront of the much-loved Yorkshire based soap as four of Emmerdale’s female characters take centre stage.



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