Challenges and Objectives

Astonish had big ambitions to grow their business and were looking for a media partner to help raise brand awareness, increase penetration and drive frequency of their Specialist Oven & Grill Cleaner product range. 

However, the biggest challenge facing the brand was competing within the household cleaning category, a market notoriously competitive and one that is traditionally dominated by big global brands. 

In order for Astonish to increase their market penetration it was essential to broaden their audience beyond the traditional customer to help maximise their campaign reach. Astonish needed to connect beyond the 30+ female market, with TV providing the perfect platform to help them drive brand appeal with a mass audience. 


Idea and Implementation

Astonish recognised that ITV was the best platform to create campaign impact and leveraging the scale and reach of our channel helped the brand to maximise their reach with a mass market. 

Knowing that cleaning the oven is one of the UK’s least favourite household chores, Astonish used this insight to develop the creative idea for their TVC, working in partnership with ITV. Showing the ease and convenience of their product used by the whole family in a variety of relatable situations meant Astonish was able to position themselves as a brand for all households. 

The ad was placed contextually around a variety of family programming but also upweighted in Daytime. This enabled the brand to connect with their target audience in the most efficient environments, and in particular the main household shoppers during moments in the schedule that were most likely to influence their purchase decisions.  


1000% Astonish Oven & Grill Cleaner product sold out within the first week of being on air with an 1000% uplift in online shop traffic

147 147 units sold of the Oven & Grill Cleaner in one store across Christmas week alone

50% 50% uplift in total business sales YOY, with X10 uplift on the Oven & Grill Cleaner, X6 uplift on all other products featured and a x3 uplift across the rest of the Astonish range

I would strongly recommend using ITV for your brand adverts - with its mass appeal and high penetration you are getting your brand in front of the nation’s consumers. We saw an immediate and direct impact to sales Mark Winter, Commercial Director

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