Big Bike Ride

Join us on 21st August 2022 for the Big Bike Ride, bringing fun, love and people back to our streets in every city!

  • Like a 'London Marathon' for every city.

  • A National Moment of fun and celebration.

  • Open to everyone, all abilities and all ages.

This will be a mass-participation event for millions across 44 cities and famous ITV locations, and your brand could be involved!

  • It will be amplified and celebrated on screen across ITV.

  • 5km routes around each city.

  • Carnival atmosphere: music, street food, parties, celebrities… and bikes!

Let's Reconnect

With our changing cities.

  • Celebrate our High Street

  • Places of work and play

With each other.

  • Regional and local communities

  • Family and friends

With ourselves.

  • Identities rooted in local pride


44 Cities and Counting

  • Greater Manchester

  • Leeds

  • Liverpool City Region

  • Knowsley

  • Bristol

  • Plymouth

  • Newcastle

  • Coventry

  • Sunderland

  • Bradford

  • York

  • And so many more!

Pedal Power

More People Riding

  • 30 years of growth in cycling, turbocharged through lockdown

  • UK cyclist numbers up 70% at the peak of the pandemic.

More People Buying

  • Government’s Cycle To Work scheme doubled across summer 2020

  • At the pandemic’s peak, Brompton reported sales were ‘at Christmas levels’

  • Halfords has enjoyed a 23% jump in share price after “very strong” bicycle sales

We're Raiding Our Sheds

“We’ve been overrun with very dusty bikes that have been in the shed for a long time”

Edward Clarke, owner of the Bicycle Workshop in Nottingham 


SweetSpot: Our Delivery Partners

SweetSpot, our partners for the Big Bike Ride, are experienced mass participation event producers and specialists in annual sporting events!

Cycling Credentials

  • London Grand Départ (Tour de France)

  • Ride London

  • Women's Tour

  • UCI Women's World Tour

  • Tour Series

Government Backing

Support from Regional Government/ Councils

  • >40 discussions held with local Mayors and councilors 

  • Conversations developed in partnership with British Cycling and Chris Boardman

June 2020: UK Government's £2BN National Cycling Boost

  • Pop-up bike lanes

  • Wider pavements

  • Safer junctions

  • Cycle and bus-only corridors

Opportunity for Brands

There are lots of opportunities for brands to get involved with the Big Bike Ride. To find out more email


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