2021 was our biggest ever year on ITV Hub. With almost double the amount of content hosted on the platform, consumption hours leaped a whopping +27% YOY. This was driven by an increase in consumption of Drama, and countless shows which captivated the nation, including Reality shows such as Love Island, the Euro 2020 football championships, and one-off events such as Oprah with Megan and Harry, and An Audience with Adele.

Meanwhile, scheduling innovations made their mark across Drama and Soaps including pre-TX drops for The Bay, and our Hub Soaps Drop initiative, whereby each Monday across four weeks, all six episodes for the coming week were made available in advance on ITV Hub. Look out for more ITV Hub scheduling innovations in 2022.

Take a look at our 2021 Hub Highlights:

613 Million There were 613 million consumption hours overall on Hub, up 27% year on year.

78 Million There were 78 million consumption hours in total on Hub of Coronation Street & Emmerdale.

68 Million The Euros matches had 68 million streams, with 1.6 million people tuning in to England v Denmark live on Hub.

3.1 Million The first episode of Love Island was tuned into by 3.1 million viewers via ITV Hub, with a 2.1 million average across the rest of the series.

coro xmas wedding
Emmerdale Sign Flowers
Love Island
Screen Shot 2022 01 12 at 09.59.01

2.5 Million The Bay Season Two had 2.5 million average viewers per episode, and both of its seasons were streamed over 26 million times in 2021.

47% The Cabins was streamed over 7 million times, with 47% of viewing was on the Hub.

2.2 Million Oprah with Harry and Meghan was streamed by 2.2 Million unique users live on ITV Hub.

2.6 Million An Audience with Adele was tuned into by 2.6 million viewers on ITV Hub.

the bay 2 episode 2 01
 oprah with meghan and harry 03
adele 2
Screenshot 2022 01 04 at 11.55.40

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