ITV Breakfast of Champions

Working with multiple strategic research partners, we set out to explore the unique role that ITV Breakfast plays within a media strategy. We employed multiple methodologies to showcase the value of ITV Breakfast and the results were fascinating.


  1. Show how ITV Breakfast provides the ideal environment for brands to amplify their campaigns

  2. Illustrate how advertising around ITV Breakfast can help turn paid media into earned media

  3. Showcase how ITV Breakfast can make marketing budgets work harder


  1. In-depth quantitative exploration of viewers' attitudes towards advertising, and the key drivers behind social media sharing and search

  2. Analysis of social media behaviours and affinity with brands

  3. Analysis of online behaviours and categories of interest

Key headlines from the research

Consumers are receptive to brands at breakfast

  • Neuroscience proves that consumers are more likely to remember, like and understand an ad if they see it at Breakfast.

It's the perfect chance to emotionally engage consumers

  • Our emotions at breakfast time put us in tune with a broad range of product categories.

Your brand is set up for the whole day 

  • The effects of breakfast advertising live beyond the moment – setting brands up for the day ahead.



Now for some data...

ITV Breakfast viewers are early adopters and key influencers 


Screenshot 2021-11-03 at 17.29.16.png

ITV Breakfast viewers are Champions across multiple categories


Screenshot 2021-11-15 at 11.45.14.png

ITV Breakfast viewers actively participate whilst watching TV 


Screenshot 2021-11-15 at 11.50.41.png





Screenshot 2021-11-15 at 11.47.49.png

Only Love Island generated more tweets than GMB and Lorraine


Screenshot 2021-11-03 at 17.41.56.png

Conversations are continuous throughout the show


Screenshot 2021-11-15 at 11.52.56.png

ITV Breakfast audience index highly against a range of brand categories on Twitter


Screenshot 2021-11-15 at 11.55.13.png

For more information on this research and how you could capitalise on advertising around ITV Breakfast, please drop us an email.

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