BT and ITV: Creative Beyond Limits

ITV were thrilled to have been recently asked to support BT with the launch of their new creative, maintaining a core objective to change brand perception. BT wanted to reclaim the category high ground, and do so by repositioning themselves as a brand that is more than their broadband package offering. BT is a brand that is doing amazing things to build a positive future for the people of the UK, giving 5 million kids the tech skills they need to succeed. 


On the evening of the 18th of October, BT and ITV kick started their channel partnership by working with two schools, Pontlliw Primary School in Wales, and Ashmount Primary School in central London. The schools were connected using BT technology so that they could work together in real time to create their very own masterpiece, which in turn would become the new BT/ITV “logo lock up”, which is exclusively featured on this page.


In each classroom, the children were provided with a small robotic arm. The two schools discussed their plan for the artwork through FaceTime, entering commands for the robot to action on their computer screens. Using the robotic arm to spray paint on to a large canvas, the children’s teamwork and artistic thinking resulted in the inspiration for the new BT/ITV logo.

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