Thanks again for the work you did on making national ITV an option for Children with Cancer UK... It gave them the biggest response they have ever had which has completely blown their minds Tim Samuel, Agency spokesperson


The charity Children with Cancer UK wanted to increase their visibility while boosting public donations. Having previously favoured other advertising formats over TV, they were not only wary of taking a risk, but also the possibility that they might not secure a positive return on investment. 

Our challenge was to show the charity and their media agency what we already knew – that ad spots are not as expensive as many people think, and that TV advertising works better than any other form of media. 


First, we wanted to match Children with Cancer UK with the right audience – viewers that would dig deep and help the charity achieve their ambitions. After extensive research into our audience demographics, we learnt that our breakfast viewers are 21% more likely than the average UK adult to have donated to children’s charities. 


With our breakfast shows growing in popularity year on year – currently reaching 3m people a day, we knew it was the perfect environment for the charity to launch its first national TV ad.


We kicked off the campaign nationwide in the ad breaks of Good Morning Britain and Lorraine in August 2018, and after just three months the results were so positive they wanted to go bigger. With many emotive stories relevant to the charity, we knew the iconic Pride of Britain Awards was the perfect choice, so we worked with them to secure a national slot. 


The campaign was more successful than Children with Cancer UK could have imagined. With so many generous donations flooding in, their internal systems even struggled to keep up at times! 

With both campaigns performing so well, the charity has now transformed its marketing strategy to include TV advertising at its core. We continue to work with Children with Cancer UK, with them currently promoting their important cause regionally rather than nationally to ensure they can keep up with unprecedented demand. 

3m Daily Breakfast viewers

100% Increase in ad spend between 2018 and 2019

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