In a highly competitive market, the insurance sector faces severe budget restriction with DLG's competitors responding by cutting brand advertising and shifting into short-term acquisition marketing. DLG questioned whether the industry's preferred short-term approach was the most effective solution.


DLG's research indicated that a small nudge from brand preference can have a disproportionately large effect. 


DLG decided that investing in mass reach, above the line, brand-building media lines was the best decision for its brand.


DLG wanted to look further into their three brands and uncovered what happens when they completely turn off the tap and stop brand investment, showing a significant drop in figures. Therefore they needed to continue investment in advertising to keep the brand front of mind. This led to a partnership with ITV from 2016 until now whereby DLG have hosted a steady stream of ads across our family of channels and breadth of shows. DLG doubled down on TV Led marketing as a result keeping TV at heart of media plan.


37% Sales delivered in Price comparison website environment

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