The Campaign

Almost overnight, Brits were forced to rely on technology to keep in touch with each other. Of course, it’s second nature to many, but what about those who are less digitally-savvy? Working with BT, Essence, and Saatchi & Saatchi, we created a star-studded media collaboration on a national scale. The campaign would ‘go beyond’ advertising to offer much-needed tech tips to ensure no-one would get left behind. 


The Results

586m+ Video views

30% Of viewers said they tried something new following a lesson

54% Agreed it made BT seem a more appealing brand

60% Said the ads positively impacted them

The insight 

Although many may think most people are up to speed with tech, BT research found that: 

  • 54% of Brits own tech they don’t know how to use—and most can’t access or understand at least a quarter of their smartphone’s functionality. 

The challenge

For those with a digital blindspot, it can be lonely—especially during a time when the nation was dependent on technology to interact. How could we use the power of TV to create culturally-relevant content that would inform rather than overwhelm? 

The idea

Focusing on the basics, we wanted to empower the nation to use and understand their tech. To do so, ITV Creative and Saatchi & Saatchi created useful content that felt like a public service announcement rather than a simple ad directing people to point of purchase. And by getting some of the UK’s best-loved stars on board, we’d show people that being unsure is nothing to be ashamed of! 

The Activation

Screen Shot 2021-06-08 at 12.37.54 PM.png

  • Launching in the height of the first lockdown, we kicked off BT’s ‘Top Tips on Tech’ with TV star Clare Balding welcoming viewers into her home to explain how to use WhatsApp. 

  • We created and shared 11 other videos covering relevant topics—from David Walliams sharing tips for successful homeschooling, to Peter Jones explaining how to protect businesses online. 

  • The lessons made an impact by taking over entire ad breaks. Scheduled to sit within This Morning and the 6 pm ITV News, these were the perfect slots as people watch to learn. 

  • Each ad pointed people towards BT’s website where they could access more detailed resources. 

  • The TV campaign was supported by a media plan to reach all ages, including print and radio for older and more vulnerable audiences, and 10-second ads across social, YouTube, and PPC. 

I only need to see Clare Balding once talking about WhatsApp to feel grateful to BT for guiding a 75-year-old like me through the new comms technology… The BT/ITV [campaign] makes me feel proud of what our industry can do at its best. It shows that suddenly advertising has a serious role to play beyond hustling goods and services. Robin Wight, advertising legend and former president of Engine Creative

The Takeaway

Advertising is so powerful that it can influence culture. By ‘going beyond’ simply selling products and services to offer useful advice on ITV, BT genuinely helped the nation while positioning itself as a more appealing, helpful, and trusted brand. And by harnessing the power of the nation’s favourite TV stars, we helped to increase BT’s widespread appeal and make the campaign famous. 

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