How can your brand better connect with over-55s?

Wise Up!, created jointly by ITV and System1, the global experts in ad effectiveness, is your guidebook for making ads with greater appeal to people over 55.

Wise Up! is the sequel to ITV and System1’s Feeling Seen report on the benefits of diverse and inclusive ads. The report celebrates brands which make ads that appeal to the over-55s, explores the key themes that make those ads effective and reveals why better representation of this group in ads is a vital commercial goal.

Over-55s are a massive segment - they account for one-third (32%) of the UK population (source: ONS) and own the majority (60%) of the nation’s wealth (source: This segment accounts for 65% of TV impressions - yet many brands find it hard to get it right when it comes to advertising to over-55s.

Lorraine Kelly hosted a panel with ITV Director of Client Strategy & Planning Kate Waters, System1 Chief Customer Officer Jon Evans, and Tesco Chief Customer Officer Alessandra Bellini.

Watch now to learn how your brand can better connect with this valuable, but underserved, audience.

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