How can your brand better respond to the cost of living crisis?

When budgets are tight, what are the risks of cutting spend? How do you make the case for supporting a brand to your internal finance team? And if you are able to spend through a downturn, what message and tone is likely to resonate with consumers? 
ITV has developed a toolkit for brands to help them respond to the cost of living crisis to help them ‘race to the top’. ITV's first webinar of 2023 features industry econometrics expert Dr Grace Kite, Clare Miller, Editor of the Martin Lewis Money Show, Caroline Clear, ITV Client Strategy Controller, and Chris Goldson, Director, Commercial Marketing discuss newly commissioned research exploring what ‘value’ means to consumers, tips from ITV’s editorial teams on finding a tone of voice that will resonate, and a new budget planning tool for brands wanting to apply best practice learning to their own unique situation.

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