Graham’s the Family Dairy, Scotland’s No1 Dairy brand, produce an award-winning range of dairy products which are all made using the finest Scottish ingredients. Despite their status as No. 1 Dairy and take-home food brand in Scotland, Graham’s are a ‘challenger’ brand in the rest of the UK. To grow their brand presence beyond Scotland, Graham’s used sales data to establish where sales were strongest outside of their heartland. London and the South East were identified as key regions for the brand to build on existing brand loyalty and gain standout.

Idea and Impact

Graham’s needed the fame and cut-through that only TV can provide, however budget limitations meant the campaign had to be affordable without comprising on impact. Through advertising on Broadcast VOD Graham’s could create a big screen experience through device targeting Connected TVs, whilst also accessing top programmes - all within budget. The campaign ran for 6 weeks in the key sales period leading up to Christmas. More than 2.5m impressions were targeted to ABC1 main shoppers in London/SE over a condensed campaign window to maximise frequency.

34% 34% increase in total website users YoY

38% 38% increase in sessions YoY

2000% 2000% increase in the ‘Gold Top’ landing page YoY

The Lane came up with an extremely innovative way for us to get our Gold Top brand on TV in it’s sales heartland. This is the first time we’ve worked with ITV, they were very collaborative and the brand tracking results exceeded our expectations, clearly illustrating that we reached our desired target audience – at a fraction of the cost of utilising a traditional linear TV approach. Emma Roy, Marketing Manager, Graham’s

ITV Elevate study

The VOD campaign activity was tracked by ITV Elevate and saw considerable increases across all brand metrics vs. the control group.


  • Brand awareness amongst those exposed is 36% vs 7% control group

  • 17% exposed users indented to purchase vs 6% in the control group

  • 7% exposed have purchased Graham’s Family Dairy recently vs 2% in the control group.

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