SMEs make up most of the UK business population

The UK values small businesses more than ever. In fact, 70% of consumers want to buy more products from SME's during the pandemic and 66% feel personally responsible to support small and local businesses.

1,243 advertisers used TV for the first time in 2020

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TV accounted for almost two thirds of our video viewing in 2020

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Broadcaster TV accounts for 91% of our video advertising day & builds awareness quickly…

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TV advertising isn't as expensive as you think with over 850 advertisers spending less than 50k in 2020

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TV delivers results for small businesses quickly

  • The average cost of buying the media space to get one person in the UK to see a TV advert costs just over half a penny. Average TV view costs 0.6p (in 2019*) 
    *NB. During the Covid crisis of April-June 2020 the average cost of TV was significantly cheaper than this. 

  • An average 4 week TV campaign builds to a weekly sales uplift of c. 25%

  • The typical profit payback point is at c. 4 months

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  • TV efficiently creates sales uplifts even at low levels of investment


  • For a small brand with <£50m brand value a £0.5m TV campaign can drive sales by 10% 

TV delivers both short-term and sustained sales effects


  • The immediate & sustained effects of TV can be isolated & measured.

  • TV drives revenue both in the short and long term.


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TV boosts effects of other ad channels by up to 54%

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TV advertising is a class apart in the video world

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  • The majority of UK advertisers are SMEs and smaller spenders.

  • TV drives both short-term sales and long-term growth

  • TV creates trust and drives reach

  • TV boosts the effects of other media channels

  • TV is affordable & accountable

  • The effects of TV are immediate for most but also sustained

  • There are many options beyond linear TV advertising.

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