Challenges and Objectives

Hurtigruten have been a hallmark of the Norwegian coast since their first ship set sail in 1893. Today, they take voyagers to the Arctic and Antarctica, and many destinations in between.

When Covid hit, Hurtigruten were faced with many unforeseen challenges. Their core audience were less likely than most to travel during a period of great uncertainty, and their competitors were primed to steal share amid the disruption as they operated both specialist and expedition cruises.

Hurtigruten were looking for a media partner who could provide mass reach among their audience in order to create standout in an increasingly challenging market, and ultimately spark and recapture demand.


Ideas and Implementation

ITV was identified as the perfect platform for providing both unrivalled reach among the core audience and the premium programming that would boost the brand’s credibility, helping to deliver on their commercial objectives.

They targeted key programming that performed well for their core demographic and would give them the scale needed to achieve their ambitions. A selection that included key ITV dramas, current affairs and news, put the brand front of mind and broadened reach among potential customers.

This strategy was complemented by targeting more contextually relevant genres such as travel and cooking, appearing in environments alongside Joanna Lumley (who provided the voice-over for their advert), Gino D’Acampo, Raymond Blanc and many other TV personalities that held a key influence among their core audience.

With the support of ITV’s Backing Business initiative Hurtigruten were able to ensure they maximised the campaign’s impact, striking a balance between niche and wider-reaching programming to deliver optimum scale and efficient frequency.


Targeting Strategy

Brand Target

ABC1 Aged 55+

ITV Trading Audience Bought

ABC1 Adults on ITV Meridian and ITV3

Campaign Delivery

Reached 77% of ABC1 Ads 55+ with a frequency of 15 in Meridian

18% across the UK on ITV3 with an average frequency of 4.6

Six Aided awareness increased 6 percentage points

Perception Brand perceptions improved in H2 2021, creating brand distinction around ‘unique and different experiences’

Uplift There was a significant uplift and clear correlation between activity on ITV and the rise in organic web traffic

Working with ITV during a highly challenging time for travel really kick started our push to grow the brand and galvanised our sales driving activity. In 2022, we will continue to work with ITV as we feel that it’s a strong fit with our target audience, and will help our continued ambition for both immediate and longer term growth. Suzanne Hall, Marketing UK & EMEA, Hurtigruten Group

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