TNL wanted to raise awareness of its role in funding Britain's sporting success. Britain's medal haul in 2012 was made possible by Lottery funding – but public awareness of lottery involvement was low at 28%.

With Olympic broadcasting rights held by the BBC, ITV wanted a smart way to be involved and add value to the national conversation surrounding The Games.

What both organisations shared, was a desire to be a force for good. One of the biggest social challenges facing the UK is the shockingly low level of physical activity. Despite Britain's Olympic success, almost half the population fail to meet recommended activity targets.


The campaign idea came from a powerful insight: when viewers of big sporting events get emotionally invested, they want to feel more than just spectators. With Team GB blazing to Olympic medal glory, viewers wouldn't want to just watch Team GB, they would want to feel part of the team. And as the country was feeling fractured, enabling people to come together as one team would be galvanising.


Together, ITV and TNL developed one big idea which achieved three ambitious goals. It communicated TNL's Team GB funding. It made ITV part of the Olympic conversation. And it encouraged the nation to exercise.

Irrespective of age, size or ability, the campaign would give everyone the opportunity to be part of Team GB.

1) By playing the National Lottery people are part of Team GB because every time they play, they're funding the team's success 
2) By creating I Am Team GB, the Nation's Biggest Ever Sports Day and inviting everyone to take part.

The 'I Am Team GB' campaign was unique in its ambition, unprecedented in its scale and extraordinary in its impact.

The campaign provided ITV with a role in the conversation around the biggest cultural event of the year and increased brand positivity. It landed TNL's Team GB funding message, and in doing so increased sales.

The campaign smashed all targets and expectations, but beyond its commercial success, it changed people's lives for good. With 972,000 participants, it persuaded more people to take part in sport than ever before. And it wasn't just for one amazing day. The campaign is making a difference longer term. Over half of all participants are still exercising , and it's not just sporty people either; 52% of those over 55 and 40% who define themselves as having poor health are still exercising more.


1m people participated

4m say the campaign inspired them to be more active

106, 000 Database of 106,000 receiving regular content encouraging sports participation

When it comes to big, brave ideas that change people's behaviour it can't come much bigger than switching off the ITV network to get the nation out of their homes and doing something active. Thanks to this unique partnership between ITV and The National Lottery I think 27th August is going to be one of the great fun events of the year. Simon Daglish, ITV’s Deputy Managing Director, Commercial

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