Challenge & Objectives

Craft gin specialists Inspirited, create personalised blends using only the best quality ingredients, giving customers the freedom to design a completely unique spirit and bottle.  But, despite having a quality product standing out in the highly competitive spirit market against many well-known brands was a challenge.

The Christmas gifting period was a key opportunity for Inspirited and they needed a media partner to help them achieve cut-through and raise awareness amongst their target audience of ABC1 adults.


Idea & Implementation

Inspirited needed the campaign to have impact, however budget meant they had to be smart with their advertising. Through profiling the Inspirited audience, ITV could identify the most efficient strategy to reach viewers who were most likely to buy their products. Taking advantage of ITV’s regionality, Inspirited could advertise specifically in the Yorkshire Emley area and as a new to TV brand also qualified for ITV’s Backing Business initiative, amplifying their campaign budget.

As a new to TV advertiser with no existing TV creative, Inspirited wanted to craft an advert that truly reflected their brand. Working in partnership with ITV’s in-house creative production team they developed a high-quality advert at cost price, which meant they could make their media budget go even further.

120% 120% increase in website traffic during the campaign period

92% 92% growth in brand search volume

Halo Halo effect from TV increased traffic across direct, search and social channels

Targeting Strategy

Brand Target

Reaching an upmarket audience, in the Yorkshire Emley region

ITV Trading Audience Bought

ABC1 Adults

Working through the process of developing the ad was an enjoyable and informative process. The tools supplied by ITV allowed us to bring our vision to reality. The whole process was smooth and communication was fantastic. Lawrence Nicholson, Founder

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