ITV commercial is to launch ITV Backing Business, an initiative designed to support businesses and their personnel as they return to growth over the coming months.

With a specially tailored toolkit providing marketing support, digital content, information, resources, special offers and trading flexibility, the Backing Business hub will act as central resource for marketeers from businesses of all sizes.

Bespoke content and resources across the platform will be focused around three areas, comprising marketing initiatives and support, learnings and success stories from business leaders, and consumer and cultural insights.

Digital content will include live and on demand ‘ITV Powerbank’ webinars, featuring panel discussions and keynote talks from agency partners, advertisers, marketing gurus and ITV’s own dedicated strategy and planning teams. Users will also have access to interviews, ‘how-to’ guides and podcasts, featuring ITV’s CEO Carolyn McCall and her senior team, ITV on-screen talent and economic commentators.

Research and analysis across the hub will incorporate consumer insights from the ITV Village, ITV’s national panel of over 9,000 people, with frequent updates around audience and consumer behavioural trends, opinions and expectations.

As British business begins its recovery, our Backing Business initiative is ITV’s way of giving support, insight and inspiration to businesses, providing them with the assets and knowledge to best equip them for a speedy return to growth, and to keep them closer to their customers. Kelly Williams, Managing Director for Commercial at ITV

The site will also host various support packages geared around stimulating growth and consumer demand for sectors affected by the pandemic – special advertising rates and free subsidised creative production packages have already been offered for Charities, Universities and Cultural Heritage brands.

With its own addressable advertising platform, Planet V, due to launch from Autumn 2020, Backing Business will also offer a selection of dedicated content exploring programmatic planning and buying of premium addressable television inventory, as well as specialist items around Planet V itself and ITV’s AVOD platform the ITV Hub.

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