ITV Commercial have welcomed over 30 new brands to TV advertising since the lockdown began.

Advertising campaigns have been booked across linear and VOD platforms for brands including beverage company Fevertree, women’s fertility app Peanut, meal delivery service Parsley Box, cancer healthcare service Rutherford Cancer, business switching service Bionic, home furnishings company Make My Blinds, eco friendly cleaning products 7th Generation, home disinfectant range Zoflora, soap brand Life Buoy, home schooling teaching service Edplace, home language learning company Duolingo, dog food delivery service Butternut Box, independent coffee company CafePod, home fitness equipment brand Wattbike, and breakfast brand The Great British Porridge Co.

Since lockdown began we have ensured we become as flexible and frontfoot as possible, and advertisers have taken advantage of that. It’s great to welcome a growing influx of new clients and advertisers to our portfolio and illustrate the unique reach and effectiveness that TV advertising has to offer. Kelly Williams, Managing Director Commercial at ITV

Further to the introduction of ITV's Backing Business initiative, ITV recently announced a significant change to a long-held trading policy around Advanced Booking (AB) deadlines, meaning anyone can now approve campaigns at any time, up to the month of transmission, and still get their deal price.

Meanwhile, across the regions spot campaigns have been delivered for charities Air Ambulance (Belfast), Big C (Norfolk), Eden Communities (Wales and West England), Leeds Cares (Leeds), Mind/Hafal (Wales and West England), Pluss (Wales and West England), Ty Hafan (Wales) and St Johns Ambulance Cymru (Wales and West England). ITV Commercial have recently announced advertising support packages for charities, universities and cultural heritage sectors.

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