In-Game Version Of New Entertainment Show The Void

Following the launch of its  brand new, high octane, Saturday night game show The Void, ITV has taken a step in the Metaverse by recreating the show in Fortnite Creative. This means Fortnite players can take on their own in-game version of the action packed challenges in the programme.


Since launching in 2017, Fortnite has become a global gaming phenomenon and, more recently, the game has introduced a Creative mode where players can design, create and publish experiences within Fortnite. ITV is the first UK broadcaster to utilise Fortnite Creative mode and is building up a network of creators on different platforms to activate Metaverse audiences around its programmes and is working with 3D LAB on this initial innovation around The Void.


The Void (Saturdays, 8pm, ITV) is hosted by Ashley Banjo and Fleur East and sees contestants put themselves to the test to take on a wide range of demanding mental and physical challenges - all whilst navigating the terrifying prospect of falling into ‘The Void’- a daunting and unforgiving chasm of 520,000 litres of water stretching across the arena floor, for the chance to win a jackpot of £25,000.


Following this initial Fortnite Creative pilot, ITV is planning to roll out the concept to other programmes and bring brands on-board.

The Void is a really innovative new Saturday night show that fits perfectly with this style of gameplay. The Metaverse is a huge opportunity for ITV both from a consumer and advertiser perspective and this is the first step of how we can best make use of our IP in these spaces Dan Colton, ITV Group Strategy and Transformation Director

Players can enter The Void experience through Fortnite Creative by entering the code 7373-1875-6620 in the Discover tab.

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