Whilst restrictions have lifted, the safety of our guests and staff are paramount, we’ve taken additional steps to make the event feel safe and comfortable for everyone and would like to ask you to help us with the following measures.

In order to attend you will need to show us on arrival:  


  • proof of NHS approved Covid-19 full vaccination pass (with the second dose at least 14 days prior to the event)- for more information please visit the NHS website on how to obtain this and do check that the pass is still in date for the event;


  • proof of a negative lateral flow test taken in the previous 48 hours - for more information, please visit the NHS website


  • show proof of natural Covid-19 immunity based upon a positive PCR test within 180 days of the event (including 10 days self-isolation following the result)

If you have proof of clinical medical exemption from vaccination and testing, then please contact us and we will provide special access on this basis.

If you show any symptoms of Covid-19, have tested positive or have been in close contact with anyone who has symptoms or has tested positive, or been asked to self isolate by NHS Track and Trace then we’ll have to ask you not to attend. 

We ask that you help us, by:

  • We ask that you arrive in good time for the event. We will be operating airport style security at the entrance to the event, so allow extra time for entry. As a reminder, the auditorium doors will close promptly at 7.15pm. 

  • Please have both your evidence of covid status as well as your electronic ticket ready on your device on arrival to be checked.

  • We will be doing everything we can to reduce queueing times, but be aware that you may have to queue to enable us to carry out the checks. 

  • Whilst we will have an operating cloakroom, we kindly ask that you bring minimal items to the event.

  • NHS Track and Trace QR codes which will be available at the entrances, we encourage you to check in. 

  • Please be aware that everyone has different comfort levels, so we ask that you act accordingly.

In addition to the above, here are a few of the measures that will be in place at the venue:​​​​​

  • Wearing masks is optional, if you’d like to wear a mask inside when moving around then please feel free to do so. All event staff will be asked to wear face masks throughout the duration of the event, unless they are exempt for medical reasons. 

  • All our event staff will be working in line with the COVID-19 production protocols and keeping a safe distance. All the catering staff will have to show evidence of a negative lateral flow test (within 48 hours prior to the event) to be able to come onsite.

  • Directional signage and door management is in place at the event for better guest flow. 

  • Hand Sanitizer will be freely available throughout the venue.

  • Guest numbers will be half of the venue’s capacity.

  • We’ll increase the cleaning regimes before, during and post event, sanitising all surfaces throughout the Royal Festival Hall and using long lasting cleaning  solutions to reduce the risk of contact infections. 

  • Electronic tickets will be used for all guests to reduce the exchange of tickets by hand. So we ask that guests have their phones ready at the entrance with their e-tickets to check in at the entrance and again at the auditorium doors for their seat numbers to reduce queuing. 

  • Advanced air ventilation system in the auditorium with established quality control measures with the air handling currently set to 24000ltrs per second, using fresh air from the outside. We will also keep all doors to the Auditorium open to maximise air flow. 

  • All food and drinks will be served as individual items to reduce the risk of contamination.

We will continue to review our measures and advice, so we will keep you updated if any of our regulations and measures change further prior to the event. If you’re concerned about anything on the day or have any special considerations, please get in touch at itvpalooza@itv.com. 

Thank you for your help with these measures, we hope it will be a very enjoyable and safe evening.

We can’t wait to welcome you!

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