ITV’s Social Purpose Impact Report outlines results across the four areas where the company is making an impact, both on screen and behind the screens - better health, diversity and inclusion, climate action and giving back.

The report includes a welcome from Chief Executive Carolyn McCall, where she discusses the big changes in society in 2020, the importance of purpose driven business and how ITV's Social Purpose is having an impact.

“ITV is a creative force that does more than entertain; we make a difference to British culture in a way that global competitors don’t. Our four Social Purpose priorities – Better Health, Diversity & Inclusion, Climate Action and Giving Back – help us to express that, both on-screen and off-screen." “Being a purpose-driven business is more important than ever before. Business can and should play its part in driving positive change, and if anything I think 2020 increased the public’s expectations of that." ITV's Chief Executive Carolyn McCall

Better health

In a year of unprecedented challenges that took a toll on the nation’s mental and physical health, ITV research shows 7.4 million people took action as a result of seeing ITV’s campaigns. This includes 890,000 children eating more vegetables thanks to Eat Them To Defeat Them, 70,605 more children doing the Daily Mile, and 6.4 million people who connected with others as a result of Britain Get Talking. This figure is more than triple ITV’s yearly target of 2 million people taking action to support their health in 2020.

In addition, ITV supported public health efforts to encourage the nation to stay at home, and wash their hands, through bespoke campaigns on ITV2, and got 136,945 people to register to donate blood through the ITV2 Blood Squad campaign.

Diversity and Inclusion

In 2020 ITV accelerated change through its Diversity Acceleration Plan, increasing investment against five commitments and committing to reporting annually on progress. 

ITV has surpassed its 2022 targets for female and LBGT+ representation in its workforce and on screen, and increased representation among the workforce for BAME and Disabled colleagues. On-screen disability representation is at 11.2%, the highest of all UK broadcasters, but ITV continues to work to meet all its 2022 diversity targets. 

Particular areas of focus include BAME representation at senior level in both our workforce and production, we have launched the RISE programme for BAME leaders and Step Up 60 to drive diversity in the production sector. We are also keen to further progress on representation of disabled people on screen, and off screen in our workforce, which will be a specific focus for us in the year ahead.

Climate Action

ITV announced that over 5700 colleagues were trained in Climate Action in 2020, and that it had reduced emissions in its control by 26.6%. These are significant first steps on ITV’s journey towards its goal of Net Zero carbon by 2030. On screen, ITV’s campaign The Shows We Never Want to Make, encouraged 1.3 million viewers to consider their carbon footprint. ITV responded for the first time to CDP’s Climate Change disclosure in 2020, achieving a B rating, putting us in the top 15% of the 9000 companies that have participated for their demonstrated commitment to reducing environmental impact. ITV have also made strong progress on albert certification in 2020, with 60% more certifications compared to 2019.  ITV was the first broadcaster to require that all shows made and broadcast by ITV need to be produced sustainably, through BAFTA’s albert certification scheme. 

Giving Back

Despite the inevitable challenges of a live event show during a pandemic, Soccer Aid for UNICEF raised a record-breaking £9.3 million. ITV also contributed to £3.6 million being raised for NHS Charities Together and generated £1.4million for mental health helplines.

Susie Braun, ITV’s Head of Strategy and Communications, Social Purpose said:

“Our Social Purpose impact report demonstrates the full impact that ITV is making; from creating must watch shows and being a key part of the creative economy, to the ways ITV has made a positive difference to big social and environmental issues over the year. We're proud of our work across health, diversity and inclusion and climate action, alongside fundraising for important causes. Delivering on our social purpose agenda has never been more important.”

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