ITV is reinforcing its commitment to tackling climate change with a powerful new environmental ad campaign, The Shows We Never Want To Make. 

Produced by ITV Creative, this evocative series of ads will offer viewers an insight into a world ravaged by climate change - Coronation Street has become Catastrophe Street, This Morning is now This Warming and Ant and Dec are hosting Saturday Night Blown Away. 

It's easy to feel comfortable, especially when you are settling down in front of your favourite shows. But being comfortable won't stop a climate crisis. By affecting these familiar brands, we showcase the impact this will have and hopefully drive everyone towards a carbon neutral future. Tony Pipes, Executive Creative Director, ITV Creative

Urging everyone to play their part in reducing carbon emissions, ITV’s campaign, which launches on Saturday 21st November during I’m A Celebrity...Get Me Out Of Here!, will invite viewers to measure and reduce their own carbon footprint at The website contains tips on reducing your impact on the environment and points audiences to WWF’s carbon calculator tool. 

ITV has pledged to become a Net Zero carbon business by 2030, as part of its ongoing commitment to creating the biggest shows with the smallest footprint. All programmes ITV produces and commissions will require all programme makers to achieve albert certification and therefore reduce the impact of their productions. 

Wider environmental targets include powering the business with 100% renewable energy, becoming a zero waste business,  and running a 100% sustainable supply chain, all by or before 2030. ITV recently became one of seven global media companies to sign the Media Climate Pact, an agreement to implement science-based targets in line with 1.5°C global warming, and to drive climate-friendly lifestyles and behaviour through our content.

Climate change can be a tough subject to talk about. We wanted to bring its effects to life in a really relatable way, showing what some of our shows might look like if nothing changes. But climate crisis is not inevitable; we can all change how we live and how we work. ITV makes massive shows, but we’re committed to making our environmental footprint as small as possible, creating the biggest shows with the smallest footprint. That's why we're going to get to net zero carbon by 2030 Clare Phillips, Director of Social Purpose at ITV

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