Challenges and Objectives

Jason’s Sourdough is a family business, on a mission to make every day extraordinary. Already selling successfully in multiple retailers, Jason’s wanted to advertise on TV to support its launch into Waitrose and to increase awareness and sales uplift amongst its other retailers.

Competition is high within this sector, with big names leading the way, however there is not a lot of noise around sourdough brands and artisan breads. Whilst it has become a popular and fashionable food, there are not many brands over and above supermarket own label which offered an opportunity for Jason’s Sourdough to grow the market.

The goal of the ITV campaign was to increase brand awareness, consideration and ultimately sales uplift versus their previous digital and magazine activity.


Ideas and Implementation

ITV was the perfect partner for Jason’s Sourdough due to the ability to regionally test on ITV1, access the pre-shopping environment on Good Morning Britain and obtain incremental reach by advertising on ITV Hub, targeting the same areas.

Jason’s Sourdough ran a combination of 30” & 10” creatives and the copy focused on inspiring the audience to elevate their breakfast or lunch. ITV up-weighted programming around high indexing, high reach programmes for Housewives/ABC1 Housewives. As well as this, ads were placed around weekend cookery programmes that allowed for a contextual fit in a relevant environment for the brand.

For the linear spot activity, the ad featured in cookery programmes such as James Martin’s Saturday Morning at Christmas, John & Lisa’s Christmas Kitchen and This Morning’s food segment, as well as access to premium shows in peak such as I’m a Celebrity. ITV Hub ads were delivered utilising ITV Programme Select, targeting food orientated shows such as Ainsley's Kitchen series, Cake Hunters, Cake Wars and Dinner Date.

This content was hugely appealing to the target audience and by employing airtime and VOD across ITV’s platforms, Jason’s Sourdough were able to target upmarket foodies, who were likely to buy artisan bread.


Targeting Strategy

Brand Target

To target viewers who are likely to make household decisions, especially when it comes to food and upmarket ‘foodies’ who are likely to buy artisan bread and use the sourdough product for a range of meals.

ITV Trading Audience Bought

Housepersons and ABC1 Housepersons

+38% There was a +38% increase in total national sales for the 3-week period following the campaign, which was maintained throughout January.

1 in 5 Brand consideration increased, as 1 in 5 people saying they would consider buying Jason’s Sourdough first – ahead of their competitors and just slightly behind supermarket own brands.

+22% In week 4 of the ITV campaign, there was an 11% uplift in sales – compared to week 1.

Through ITV’s Backing Business initiative, we were able to unlock access to targeted TV advertising that we might previously have thought was out of reach. I’d highly recommend for any challenger brands who want to amplify and target their awareness through TV. Barry Dawber, Sales & Marketing Director, Geary’s Bakery

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