Challenge & Objectives

Founded in 1675, Mornflake have been millers of mighty oats for over 340 years. Despite their British heritage the category is still dominated by household names such as Kelloggs, Weetabix and Quaker Oats.  As well as operating in a very competitive category, breakfast eating habits were being challenged by the proliferation of ‘on the go’ options.

Mornflake needed to reach new potential customers and therefore needed a media partner that would enable them to increase their brand awareness and their household penetration among ABC1 Women 40+.

Idea & Implementation

As a returning TV advertiser, Mornflake recognised advertising on ITV would help to maximise reach with their target audience, whilst also enabling them to showcase the craft and provenance that goes into every bowl of mighty porridge oats.  

The TV creative was placed around contextually relevant dayparts for breakfast advertisers, like Good Morning Britain. Not only did this help to increase the campaign reach but also ensure Mornflake were engaging with a relevant audience as GMB viewers are identified as people who would be more open to switching up their breakfast eating routine. 

Mornflake also took advantage of ITV’s regionality by upweighting their activity in the North as it had higher propensity to reach ABC1 Women 40+. They also supported the linear campaign with VOD on the ITV Hub with a bespoke plan around programming that was efficient at reaching their target audience. 

I believe in the power of TV advertising and I have confidence that planned campaigns will contribute to achieving our objectives. ITV’s Business For All initiative helped Mornflake to elevate and contributed to our growth penetration. We had already established a good working relationship with ITV from our previous campaigns and we will continue to reinforce the benefits of ongoing investment. We’ve already seen significant growth in household penetration, in spite the fact there is still considerable headroom for growth.’ Richard Jones, Marketing Manager

Targeting Strategy

Reaching the upmarket audience across the UK and North of England.

ITV Trading Audience Bought

ABC1 Women 40+

11.9% Sales increased by 11.9% in the 4 weeks immediately following the TV campaign

72% 72% upturn in the growth experienced in the previous 4 week period

15.4% Sales growth of the stock keeping unit featured in the TV Creative ranged from +8.1% to +15.4%

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