Our 2019 Twitter Round-Up


In 2019, 97 million tweets were sent about TV. The ITV Family contributed to a quarter of all tweets sent last year at 23.7 million tweets. We also conquered the commercial broadcast market in terms of social conversation; ITV was also the only broadcaster to grow year-on-year with a 17% increase. Each of our channels generated high tweet volumes in 2019. This included 14.2m total tweets for ITV main channel8.7m total tweets for ITV2583k total tweets for ITVbe and 88.9k total tweets for ITV4.


14m Entertainment drove most of the conversation with 14 million tweets

2m Our soaps garnered over 2 million tweets

17% ITV was also the only broadcaster to grow year-on-year with a 17% increase

In terms of 2019’s Twitter TV Leaderboard, ITV channels scored in three positions. ITV2 came in first place with Love Island and 8.1 million tweets, ITV main channel followed at 3rd with 3 million tweets for Good Morning Britain and Peston scored 9th with 1.2 million tweets.

In addition, ITV dominated the leader board when only looking at commercial channels with shows like I’m A Celebrity, This Morning and Coronation street holding high tweet volumes. Entertainment drove most of the conversation around ITV with 14 million tweets, with shows like The Brit Awards sparking big conversation at 1 million tweets.

Daytime TV pursued 4.3 million tweets and Good Morning Britain dominated the conversation closely followed by This Morning with 838k tweets.

Our soaps garnered over 2 million tweets. Over the course of 2019, our soaps generated a huge amount of conversation on Twitter, once again, beating Eastenders. Coronation Street and Emmerdale both drove 1 million tweets each.

More established and longer-running dramas drove most of the conversation for the genre in 2019, with Vera holding 108k tweets, and Sandition distinguishing 105k tweets. The top 5 most tweeted about Factual shows across ITV last year were Peston, Tonight, Britain's Next PM, Unbelievable Moments and Exposure

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