A special break takeover

This week we were delighted to broadcast a special break takeover to showcase the Publicis Shop Responsibly campaign, also launched on Channel 4 and Sky. All six advertisers featured were from within the Publicis Group, including Leo Burnetts. 

The ad break was launched during The Martin Lewis Money Show on Thursday 16th April at 8.15pm and led with a 10" ITV/STV Proud to Present with a voiceover saying "And now, ITV/STV proudly presents a reminder to us all to please shop responsibly". 

Viewers then saw ads from Cushelle, E45, Plenty, Gaviscon, Co-Op and Kelloggs.  Between each ad is a 4" interstitial featured the Publicis Shop Responsibly logo and five different messages, one between each ad, these being Donate to your local food bank; Help Your Neighbours; Keep Two Metres Apart; Stay Home, Saves Lives; Thank Our #Hiddenheroes

We'd like to give a special thank you to all of those involved in putting this together and making this happen.

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