Challenge & Objectives

Family business, Robert’s Bakery, has been baking bread for over 100 years. Founded in 1887, the baked goods specialist had been a firm favourite on the bread aisle for many years. However, consumers changing eating habits and their lack of love for bread meant the category had become stagnant.

Robert’s recognised that consumer needs were changing and that their brand also had to change to reflect and connect with modern day bread eaters. Following a bold re-brand, Robert’s needed a media partner to launch their new brand positioning - Remarkably Roberts - and support them on their mission to become famous for bakery innovation.

The purpose of the campaign was to communicate the brands values, showcasing their modern new product offerings and their sustainable credentials as the only bread brand with packaging that is truly recyclable.


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Idea & Implementation

Roberts hadn’t advertised on TV for over 5 years and following their exciting new rebrand, they needed a media partner to help them make an impact and achieve their ambition in driving fame. 

The campaign had to reach their core target audience of loyal bread buying mums, whilst also connecting with their growth audience of health and environmentally conscious shoppers. Led by product distribution and audience analysis, the North, Wales and West Midlands were identified as key regions to target. Robert’s could tap into ITV’s regionality to effectively reach their target audience at scale on linear TV whilst also amplifying their message on the ITV Hub through a targeted approach. 

The airtime plan combined a mixture of upmarket and family programming like Britain’s Got Talent, Emmerdale and The Million Pound Cube. As the most effective shows to reach their target audience, the bespoke media plan helped to broaden their reach and build brand fame. 

ITV’s Business For All incentive provided a unique opportunity that allowed Roberts to supercharge our media investment. We recognised that ITV would be the perfect partner to deliver against our campaign’s objectives and maximise reach with our desired audiences. Working in partnership with ITV through the Business For All initiative we were able to double our media investment to create a successful 6 week campaign across linear and VOD. The campaign helped Roberts to scale up and achieve a dominant share of voice across the campaign period in what was importantly a core business period for the brand across the back-to-school phase. Karen Smith , Marketing Manager, Roberts Bakery

The Results

52% Brand awareness scores grew to 52%

9% Overall, purchase intent increased by 10% nationally. Whilst also growing amongst 18 - 34s by 9%

10% Perceptions of Roberts as a ‘Modern’ brand increased from 8% pre-campaign to 10% post campaign

11% Value for Money association also improved, from 6% pre-campaign to 11% post campaign

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