Telling Climate Stories Together

Wednesday 3rd November | 11 - 12pm | BBC PQ

For the past decade, the UK’s key broadcasters have worked together, through albert, to tackle the carbon footprint of their productions. In recent years, this collaboration has grown to include what audiences see on screen too; content in all genres that inspires sustainable living.

Now, for the first time, Tim Davie (BBC) Carolyn McCall (ITV), Alex Mahon (C4) and Stephen van Rooyen (SKY) and Simon Pitts (STV) are joining together on stage to discuss the crucial responsibility and unique opportunity broadcasters and streamers have, to help audiences engage with the climate challenges that will affect us all. They'll also discuss how the industry is moving forward in its ambition to work together to achieve even more.

This event will feature:

  • Tim Davie (BBC)

  • Carolyn McCall (ITV)

  • Alex Mahon (C4)

  • Jeremy van Rooyen (SKY)

  • Simon Pitts (STV)

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