ITV Studios has announced that it has granted exclusive rights in the metaverse for the world’s number one talent show to the Virtual Brand Group (VBG). The Voice redefined stardom with its instantly iconic blind auditions and competitive celebrity coaches - that removed judgment based on physical appearance and empowered people based just on their talent.

That’s why we say The Voice was, in many ways, an early version of the Metaverse where anonymity and being whoever you want rule. Today we come full circle, VBG is the perfect partner for us because together, we can enable a one-stop activation for all our territories and broadcasting partners around the world and give fans a year-round experience with games, giveaways, and virtual items all inspired by The Voice. Lucie Stoffers, Head of Brand & Licensing at ITV Studios

Virtual Brand Group (VBG), an award-winning metaverse pioneer known for building immersive experiences and communities, will collaborate with ITV to develop, build and operate The Voice in the metaverse for the first time. Voice fans from across the world will get the opportunity to engage with the show - anytime, anywhere - in an environment built for them and be part of their own musical journey in ways never dreamed of before. Elements of the collaboration will include: 

  • Building boundless virtual experiences and social games, including persistent worlds and events where fans and friends can enjoy unique content, showcase skills, and challenge each other in creative musical play. 

  • Creating a web3 loyalty program and fan journey that connects and rewards them for the time across all their interactions from social media to watching the show to buying virtual or physical merchandise. 

  • Working to develop a new form of truly metaverse global competition that goes far beyond the real-life version, offering new opportunities to drive global viewership of The Voice

The Voice metaverse experience will create a new, connected musical fan journey that only web3 can deliver - not real life, not TV, and not static Internet. Fans will be rewarded no matter how they engage - whether watching, sharing, purchasing, playing, or attending an event. For VBG, this represents the next iteration in our rapid growth leading entertainment onto a range of new platforms. VBG CEO and founder Justin Hochberg

#TheVoice superfans can sign up to get early access to metaverse games and virtual drops and be the first to unlock new experiences and rewards at Plus, on the site, they can earn legendary fan status by finding the “Easter egg", a 3-digit hidden number in the above image, and submitting their guess. 

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