The Tooth Fairy goes on air

Since 2009, Thinkbox TV ads have been doing their best to entertain the nation, and catch the eye of marketing directors everywhere. Whether in the short or long term, nothing comes close to TV advertising in driving profit and growth for businesses. At the heart of what TV advertising can do is its unbeatable scale and reach, its cultural and emotional impact, and its ability to get people talking.

From 12 December 2019, ITV and other shareholders including Channel4, Sky Media, Turner Broadcasting, and UKTV will screen the new Thinkbox TV ad across a variety of broadcast and on demand channels. Thinkbox’s shareholders represent over 99% of commercial TV advertising revenue through their owned and partner TV channels.

This could have been a televised case study of one of the multitude of businesses that TV has transformed in real life. But we have plenty of rational case studies available on our website. Much better to use TV for what it is so incredibly good at: emotionally engaging storytelling at scale. Step forward the dynamic entrepreneur who is the Tooth Fairy. Andrew MacGillivray Marketing Director, Thinkbox

The Tooth Fairy finds she is on a journey common for many businesses. Initial growth is found through word of mouth, paid search, social media, and sales promotion. But there comes a stage where businesses reach a point when they can’t grow much further. Not even wings can help. To scale up the business and generate new demand they turn to TV, with its ability to drive large reach, engender trust, forge emotional connections and build famous brands. 

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video time: video title: The Tooth Fairy


Read more about the campaign and watch the video at

Mother London have done a brilliant job bringing to life how TV advertising drives her business to dizzy new heights with a warmth and humour that we hope people everywhere will enjoy. We also hope that many businesses out there might recognise themselves and their potential in the Tooth Fairy’s story. Andrew MacGillivray Marketing Director, Thinkbox

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