Adverts DO Get Eyeballs Online

Nobody actively watches adverts… do they? We can’t escape the speculation of the death of the 30-second spot. Or the belief that most telly viewers skip through the adverts, change the channel, make numerous cups of tea, or do anything really to avoid interacting with advertising. But, we know it’s simply not true. And according to new Google figures, many viewers actually seek them out again online.

Google has released a list of the top 10 ads viewed on YouTube and our first thoughts were..."Surely people don't actively watch adverts online when there are cat videos to catch up on?" - But clearly they do... and they do it in their 10's of millions!

Having spent the last 30 minutes or so watching the top 10, its clearly evident these are not adverts, but captivating stories. All of the top 10 are brilliant examples of brands using unique content & storytelling to engage with its audiences.

One particular advert encapsulates these themes more than any other, in my opinion: Dove - Real Beauty Sketches. If you have a spare three minutes then watch it, and become one of 56,000,000 others to do so.

ITV Celebrates Advertising

We challenge you to watch the clip below and not feel any sense of emotion, nostalgia or love for some iconic moments of TV advertising gone by. The fact is, people really do love brilliantly crafted adverts....

Have a watch of our 'Celebrating Advertising' video and just try and disagree with us. Oh, and see how many you recognise.