Brand New Loose Women Panel Revealed

TV Presenter, Coleen Nolan and Journalist and Presenter, Kaye Adams, TV presenter and author, Nadia Sawalha and journalist and presenter, Jane Moore are set to join the panel of ITV’s Loose Women.
Director of ITV Daytime, Helen Warner said: "Loose Women at its very best produces rich and diverse debate on the issues of the day from a female perspective.  I'm keen to broaden our pool of panelists over the coming months with a mix of past and new faces to bring this variety to our viewers every lunch time and I'm delighted to have Nadia and Jane, who were both trailblazers for Loose Women, as part of this."

Nadia said: “Having been one of the original Loose Women I'm thrilled to be invited back after a decade away. My time on the show has always held such special memories for me so I can't wait to rejoin the other women behind that famous desk - see you on Thursday girls!”
Jane said: “I'm absolutely thrilled to be rejoining the Loose Women team and catching up with some of the funniest, most opinionated and loyal viewers in television. Bring it on!”

Coleen said: “After two and half years away, now feels like the right time to 'come home' to Loose Women. I'm ready to embrace the show whole-heartedly again and return to the most special of places - the homes of our viewers. It's the public that have always mattered the most to me and the Loose Women audience are the most loyal of all. They have been so supportive to my family during the devastating loss of our beautiful sister and I hope they'll be as pleased to have me back, as I am to be back.”

Kaye said: “I felt privileged to have been one of the original Loose Women and now feel doubly privileged to be invited back six years on. Loose women is perhaps the only show on which you can be unapologetically, sassy, sometimes stroppy, sometimes silly but always straight talking. It's the world and what matters in it through a female prism, a perspective we don't see or hear enough of, and I can't wait to play my part again.”