Britain's Got Talent Final Peaks with 17m!


The seventh series of Britain’s Got Talent came to an end with 11.1m viewers and a 51% audience share. The final was the most watched programme this year on any channel and the only programme to get an overnight audience of over 11 million viewers and a share of over 50%.

The consolidated audience (including everyone who recorded the show and watched later) for the BGT final totals 12.9m viewers and 53% share. The final episode peaked with a massive 17.4m viewers. This was the highest peak of the series and we haven’t seen an audience for Britain’s Got Talent this high since the 2009 final. The audience share was 8% up on last year, reflecting the success of the show and its popularity. Overall the series averaged 10.9m with a 44% audience share. This was a 7% increase in audience share compared to 2012.

Typically the peak audience of any series comes in the last 10 minutes of the final when the winner is revealed, however this year it occurred midway through the show during the now infamous 'egg gate'. Proving that whilst the British public enjoy shadow dancers and 14 year old comedians, what they really love to see is a disgruntled former contestant throwing eggs at Simon Cowell!

On Twitter...
The final was unsurprisingly the most talked about programme of that week. There were over 820k tweets from 322k tweeters, which is a 20% increase on the volume of tweets during last year's final. The announcement of the winners drove a huge spike in tweets with a peak of over 17k in a single minute. However there was a bigger spike driven by the egg incident which peaked at nearly 18k tweets in a single minute!