Creative Ad Breaks are Barking Marvelous

They say that dogs are a man’s best friend, and they might just be onto something, considering the success of Ashleigh & Pudsey from Britain’s Got Talent 2012.

To celebrate our four-legged friends (among other creatures), ITV is premiering the first ever British Animal Honours tonight at 8pm. Hosted by For the Love of Dogs presenter Paul O’Grady, this brand new TV event celebrates the achievements of the world’s most extraordinary animals and the people who work with them.

Following the success of 'creative breaks' and to amplify the impact of British Animal Honours, the ITV commercial team have created an entire break featuring animals. Cats, dogs, monkeys and of course meerkats will all be featured in the centre break at 20.15.

Be sure to tune into this new programme to see who walks, flies, swims or trots off with the awards and even cast your vote for your favourite animal advert, below!

Woof, woof.