David Walliams Dresses in a Bee Outfit for the Daily Mirror Pride of Britain Awards 2013


David Walliams gets into a pair of tights and dresses up as a bee in honour of Busy Bee legend, Jean, 91, who has raised an amazing £92,000 for AGE UK by simply by dressing up as a bee and collecting loose change in a tin from walkers by. David surprised the fundraiser known as the Bee Lady in order to invite her to the show as she is one of the winners of the prestigious award that acknowledges and celebrates the brave and honourable work carried out the people of Britain.

Jean is very well-known in her hometown of Hull and is much loved for her hard work fundraising and received hundreds of nominations. She even has a Facebook page with 8,000 fans.

Despite suffering severe arthritis, she collects in shopping centres whatever the weather every other Friday, and visits residential care homes regularly as well. Even a nasty fall which put Jean in hospital for weeks two years ago didn’t stop her and she has spent more than 1,000 hours rattling her tin.

Jean now aims to collect for the charity £100,000 and states "There's no stopping me."

See Jean collect her award at The Daily Mirror Pride of Britain Awards 2013 on Tuesday at 8pm on ITV.