Emmerdale celebrates International Women's Day, with help from a few brilliant brands.

“I believe soaps are leading the way with gender equality on set. This is a great opportunity for Emmerdale to show the female talent we have both in front and behind the camera.”

Jane Hudson , Executive Producer

Emmerdale focused entirely upon female characters in a special episode celebrating International Women’s Day and the talents of women in the television industry.

The episode, which aired 8th March was written, produced, directed and recorded by a female led crew.  

On a daily basis Emmerdale had three crews filming scenes across four episodes. For this special episode a female led team were brought together so they could all work together on this project.

The episode followed almost all of the Emmerdale female characters as they pursued their own individual stories across the generations.

Not only this, but you will have also seen something very special just before the episode aired. ITV Commercial saw an opportunity to work with some brilliant brands and create a special ad break around this Emmerdale episode; airing their inspirational ad campaigns.

These campaigns champion the core values International Women's day represents, and truly showcase how TV as a platform is a force for good. With it's mass simultaneous reach, and power to move people, TV brings crucial issues to light, such as a vision for an equal world, by working with ambitious brands who want to see the same change.

The special ad break saw campaigns featuring inspiring female role models and athletes with:

P&G - Always 
P&G - Head & Shoulders 
L'Oreal UK & Ireland
L'Oreal Paris
CCS NHS Cervical Cancer
CCS Royal Air Force 
Unilever - Dove Valentina 

The Social media response to this was positive and encouraging to see so many people engaged with the special ad break, and the important message behind it.

“We have a fantastic and inclusive team at Emmerdale and this episode hopefully will be a great opportunity for us to showcase some of the positions available behind the scenes to both men and women within the television industry. We have a fantastic cast on the show, but it was lovely to have an episode that concentrated only on the female characters.”

Charlotte Bellamy , Actress, Emmerdale