Emmerdale's Super Performance in 'Super Soap Week'

This week is 'Super Soap Week' with both Coronation Street and Emmerdale airing dramatic storyline peaks.

It's a year today since Emmerdale's hugely successful live episode where audiences saw Cameron Murray murder Carl King, the first of his three victims. Cameron is eventually arrested by police after being shopped by girlfriend, Debbie Dingle. In true soap style Cameron manages to escape police custody and heads straight to the village to seek his revenge by holding the villagers hostage in the Woolpack and putting more lives at risk.

Monday night kicked off with a live audience of 7.7m and a 37% share, the highest audience since January.

Tuesday's episode followed up with an audience of 7m and a 34% share comfortably beating Eastenders, and Wednesday's dramatic episode gave Emmerdale it's highest audience since the live episode in October last year with 8.4m viewers and a 40% share, peaking at 9.3m.

Last night, both episodes of Emmerdale  were the most watched programmes with audiences of 8.2m and 7.8m respectively, with shares of 37% and 38%.

This shows that soaps and in particular Emmerdale is as popular and current as ever; 42 years on and still going strong, it's engrained in British culture. Emmerdale is the second most-watched soap in the UK that reaches a third of the TV viewing population each month - what more could you want from a programme as a sponsor? Luckily Emmerdale is on the market right now.