Explore the wonderful world of Coronation Street

Welcome to the UK’s most-loved street – the interactive edition.

ITV Media proudly unveils its innovative ‘Corrie Map’ to transport you behind the scenes of Coronation Street to explore and expand your soap knowledge (and have a little fun, too).

Take a journey with us, over the rooftops and along the cobbled streets to relive the most exciting moments from the past 52 years of the popular soap – and find out a little something about its influential audience.

Do you remember? 

Revisit the births, the marriages, the love triangles and the murders that have kept audiences captivated for decades. Do you recall Hilda Odgen’s farewell episode in 1987? Chances are you were one of the 27.7m people who tuned in. This still remains the show’s highest ever audience.

Spolier alert

Did you know more people tune into Coronation Street each month than voted in the May 2012 local elections? Or that the audience is a highly-connected social bunch? The Coronation Street Facebook page currently has 1,674,851 followers – and counting!

A click on a familiar destination on the map will reveal these and many other insights into both the show and those who sit glued to the screen five nights a week.

Intrigued? Visit corriemap.itvmedia.co.uk/ to test your knowledge and find out how the long-running soap can elevate your brands across multiple platforms. Get clicking now!