A Fresh Look at ITV2

ITV2 is rapidly becoming the place to be for a young audience that wants to laugh its socks off. The launch of ITVBe has allowed the young ITV2 channel to blossom in its own right.

There’s more programming for a younger audience, more new talent and even more giggles.

Paul Mortimer, ITV’s Controller of Digital Channels, says: “ITV2 is already in a period of transition where we aim to better serve a broader, younger audience with more scripted content, not least comedy.

“The launch of ITVBe allows us to continue apace in this regard. The Autumn has seen the likes of Plebs, the Job Lot and Bad Bridesmaid as examples of funny shows that have been commissioned specifically for the 'new look' ITV2.”

The ITV2 audience is also evolving with the launch of ITVBe, presenting a unique chance for advertisers to engage with young, male viewers. Mortimer says: “The ITV2 audience is likely to be more 'male' than it has traditionally been as we aim to engage new viewers with new entertainment from home and the USA - hit drama series Scorpion and Release the Hounds, our scary new game show, are examples of series that appeal to a broad, younger audience.”

The excitement of new programming is already having an impact on viewing figures.

Release the Hounds had its first episode last year, which was watched by 0.4m viewers with a 2% share, rising to 5% for 16-34s. By the time repeats had been included it had reached nearly a million viewers.

This year the first two episodes were watched by over half a million viewers, and including repeats those two episodes reached 2.6m viewers, including over a million 16-34 adults.

Plebs launched last year with 1.3m viewers and a 6% share making it the most watched digital comedy launch of the year. This year the first two episodes averaged 1.1m with a 6% share, rising to 9% for 16-24 adults.

Last year Tricked averaged 0.9m with a 4% share (7% for 16-34 adults) across 6 episodes. When the new series started in September, the first episode got a million viewers with a 4% share – and 8% for 16-34 adults. That night ITV reached its second highest ever Tuesday audience, and the highest Tuesday prime time share since Bionic Woman six years ago.

Another popular new show is Bad Bridesmaid; this started this autumn and is averaging half a million viewers and a 2% share (5 % for 16-34 adults).

In 2013 the channel grew for the 11th year in a row in terms of share – and the future looks bright and exciting as we move towards 2015.

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