Fusion Glorious Fusion

The recent Anchor butter sponsorship of Food Glorious Food is a great example of how a sponsorship, planned and executed in an ITV Fusion way can deliver more effective and quantifiable results for a brand- says Head of Commercial Research, Glenn Gowen.

ITV Fusion takes place through the action of five elements all validated by the latest thinking around sponsorship.  This included working in partnership with SPA Future Thinking to develop a truly extensive research programme to demonstrate how sponsorship can deliver against an advertiser’s campaign objectives.

Five Elements of ITV Fusion

    1. Creative Effectiveness – effective creativity is creativity that demonstrates that a brand understands and loves the same content the viewer loves

    2. Real-world Integration – the process by which a brand is aligned with a chosen show across the multiple different touch points influencing customers’ lives

    3. Strategic Link – the establishment of a clear strategic link between a brand and the content so that they ‘fit’ together naturally in the audience’s mind.

    4. Participation Value – the way in which energy levels are raised by increasing levels of audience participation and interaction.

    5. The 5th Element – the most important element of all. The degree to which true partnership is at the heart of both strategy and execution.

Anchor partnered with ITV’s Food Glorious Food with the aim of associating the brand with a food programme to establish their ‘Taste Like Home’ positioning and drive its core
brand values for bringing people together around food.  The key was to ensure there was a consistent message across all channels.  ITV created a fully integrated campaign
including broadcast sponsorship, off-air licensing and celebrity endorsement, which featured one of the show’s judges, Stacie Stewart, becoming an Anchor brand ambassador.  All of which helped to further enrich Anchor’s growing social community.

Key Findings

        • Anchor saw a 94% increase in engagement with brand content when the show was on air, more than 108,000 visits to the Anchor Dairy site over the campaign period and a dwell time of 1.59 minutes

        • Facebook engagement rates increased to 0.84% (compared with 0.4-0.6% benchmarks), while the social content boosted CTRs on Twitter (1.39% vs. 1% average)

        • A bespoke research study showed that the integrated TV sponsorship was least two times more efficient that any other channel at driving long-term brand perceptions
          Source: Carat ICE (Integrated Campaign Evaluation May 2013)

The show and brand embodied shared values, making the association to the viewer credible and clear - this resulted in the sponsorship delivering 34% of all brand engagement, over four times higher than Carat’s TV Sponsorship benchmark.