Futurology: The Media Landscape in 2038

Jon Block, Head of Commercial Innovation, ITV, lead a panel discussion yesterday at Carat where he outlined his vision for the media landscape in the next 5 and 25 years. Below are a few highlights; please let us know your thoughts and post your own predictions!

The future is exciting! There'll be driverless cars, robots, lab-grown food, hyperloop transport, space elevators and artificial intelligence everywhere. But what will the media landscape look like in 2038? Will people still be watching TV? And what will the device itself look like?

Well, we know that the devices we'll be using to consume media will be different. There'll be slimmer and lighter and a lot of the processing will be done in the cloud. We may all be wearing Google Glasses. We probably won't be far from the first neural implants, interfacing directly with our optic nerves. But it is unlikely that the core user needs that support television (or shall we say televisual media consumption?) will change...

We'll still be lazy and for that reason we'll want it to be easy to find content. We'll be desperate for a bit of escapism at the end of the day (especially in the bleak dystopian future of 2038!), so we'll want the best, most immersive televisual experience that money can buy. And more than anything, we're social creatures so we'll want to share and talk about these televisual experiences with our friends and communities.

For this reason I'll comfortably predict that they'll still be a need for curation of content (i.e commissioning), for high quality televisual storytelling and for a linear schedule that brings people together with a common purpose of consuming content. And all of those predictions would suggest that even in a world of fragmented devices, ultra high bandwidth mobile networks and instantaneously accessible on demand content, there will still be a need for TV. It may just look a little different.